Jessico Brown

Consultant , manager
  • Expertise :
    Service Engineer
  • Experience :
    2 year in the car washing
I, As a garage manager or proprietor, you'll be in charge of a workshop where motor vehicles are brought in for repair and maintenance. Your garage might work on cars, Lorries, buses, motorcycles or other motor vehicles. You might manage a garage that serves individual

Dusters and microfiber cloths are soft enough that they won't scratch your vents & direct, co-ordinate and participate!

What is your professional passion?

Looking for a skilled Auto Mechanic to join our team! Maintaining and repairing vehicles will be your main job. Your goal will always be to aim for vehicles’ maximum functionality and reliability to provide and to provide exceptional customer service.
Garage supervisors plan, organise, direct, co-ordinate and participate in the day-to-day running of garages and specialist vehicle maintenance and repair establishments.

Experience & Skill

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