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  He treated our baby like his own...

Jack's Love for his craft shows in every detail. He treated our baby like his own. You would be hard-pressed to find a better body man… And the new paint job is flawless! We couldn't be happier with our re-beautified car.

With warmest regards thanks

Kim and Tom Payne

  The body and paint job you did on my 1965 is PERFECT...

It was great seeing you again yesterday at the OC Vette dinner.
I forgot to mention to you that the body and paint job you did on my 1965 is PERFECT!!!
As you know, I have restored several cars over the years, and spend time as a judge for several of the local car shows.  That means I can be really picky when it comes to the quality of a paint job.  Thank you for working with me and for the quality work your folks have done on my Corvette.  You are the BEST!

Bob Blattenburg

    You did not disappoint...


As you know, our '62 has been in the family since it was new - 50 years, so this restoration job was very important to us.  I am very pleased to say you did not disappoint! Everything is perfect - The Chrome, the body, the interior, and of course the magnificent McJacks paint job.  I am also very pleased we added the McJacks headers as it now also sounds as good as it looks.

See you again in 50 years.
Don Kermin
    The paint is almost 2yrs old and still looks as good as new...

I took a picture of my car with the sun hitting it just right, and thought you could use it.  The paint is almost two years old and still looks as good as new.

Thanks Again,

    I wouldn't take my Corvette to anyone else but to McJacks...

Thanks for restoring my 77 Corvette.  I know it was a lot of work reupholstering the seats, installing the carpet, fixing the windows, headlights and tail light.  Not only does it run great but now the interior looks great as well.  Please thank your crew for all their hard work.  They did a great job! I will definitely recommend you to others.  I wouldn't take my Corvette to anyone else but to McJacks.

Best Regards,
Kim Cornett

  I would never take my C3 to another shop...

I would never take my C3 to another shop, watching you and Vinicio last week with your stethoscopes checking the vacuum lines, you looked like what you are " Corvette Doctors. "  Also, I like walking around the shop looking at your latest projects, always very cool Vettes, and your staff is always very accommodating, making sure I have coffee, etc.

Best Regards,

  The work speaks for itself...

Lucky Me....! The work speaks for itself.  I searched both East and West coast to find the right Corvette paint shop.  Guess what...! I found it.  Paint is stunning and correct.  Please drive carefully everyone, I could be coming the other way.  Speak to McJacks now and give yourself a present that never ends.  Quality at an affordable price.


  You always fix it right the first time...

Hi Jack...
I just wanted to say thanks for keeping my Black 84 Corvette in tip top condition.  Whenever I need something done to my baby, you always fix it right the first time.  You have great customer service and your work is very professional.  I will always be a satisfied customer and will continue to bring my Corvette to Jacks.  Thanks very much and keep up the good work

Mr. Fred

  The shop will care for your car like they owned it...


I want to express my appreciation to you and all your staff.  My 1969 Corvette is the talk in town.  Every time my car leaves the garage some person offers me money.  My grandmother and uncle handed down this car to me because they want people to admire it.  It's because of your shop that their dreams have come true.  Over Christmas everyone in the family came over for the big reveal and grandma was excited and pleased.  To all future customers, McJacks is honest, compassionate, and priced just about right.  This shop will care for your car like they owned it themselves.  Make sure to stop-by and checkout their operation.  I will return and continue calling Jack for advice. 

Don, Cecile, Don II, and Zoe

  Looks better than before the accident...

Hi Jack...
Just a brief note to tell you of my appreciation for your services in repairing my 98 Corvette coupe after it was hit by a Ford Econoline Van. When I had my accident, I thought it was one of the worst days of my life... but you assured me that everything would come out fine. And you were right... the car looks better now than before the accident. Excellent workmanship and a great paint job. Thanks for everything, Jack.


Best Regards,
Jeff Dillon

  You made it very easy...
Had to write a note to let you know how happy my wife and I are with the work you did on our 1967 Corvette.  Even though substantial work needed to be performed, I doubt that even the most experienced judge would be able to tell that any work was done to the front surround and fenders.  You went above and beyond  to ensure that the paint color was perfect by mixing multiple samples.  When those didn't meet my overly particular expectations, we went directly to the supplier and worked with them to get the right color.  The dash looks wonderful and the new carpet really completes the car.

Restoring a vehicle yet keeping it original can be a very difficult process, yet you made it very easy.  The ability to check in on progress whenever I wanted (which I did weekly by stopping into the shop) was also appreciated.  You always took the time to update me on the progress regardless of how busy you were.  At no time did you pressure or up-sell me on additional work.

Once again, thanks for doing a great job.  Feel free to use us as a reference to prospective clients if they would like to verify the quality of your work.

Mike & Tracy Kerr

The New Paint Job is Spectacular...
Jack, I  just want you to know how very pleased I am with the job you did on my 1969 Corvette. The new paint job is spectacular and the new color you suggested looks fabulous. I appreciated and agreed with your suggestions on how to improve the vehicle, including some minor body work and reinforcing the front fenders for more strength. It was completed and delivered in a timely fashion and I appreciated you letting me periodically come by to take pictures as it was going through its restoration. This, along with your updates, gave me confidence in the quality of work as it progressed to completion. Now I am getting many many complements and am so very proud of this Corvette.

 Bob Gabor 


We get compliments everywhere we go

Great job on our baby.  The paint looks great!  You really took care of us and our toy.  We get compliments everywhere we go.

Al and Vic 

There are so many details it's beyond wonderful

There are hardly sufficient words to express how thrilled I am with the fantastic work you and your crew completed on this happily rejuvenated 77 L82!  It's stunning!

Will look forward to doing more business with you as the economy improves.

For now, I'm thankful for every ounce of detail you put into this 'vette, from the impeccable body work and glassy paint job to the fine lines end to end and the professional stereo installation. 

There are so many details it's beyond wonderful.  Please let everyone know how happy their hard work has made me - in the toughest year of my life.


Thank you very much, for your craftsmanship, patience and good spirit. 


Best to you and your Dad,



Received Numerous Compliments
Thanks Jack for a beautiful body restoration and paint finish on my 65 Coupe.  You kept me informed all along in the process.  I was very pleased to be able to stop by at any time to see what was being done and to discuss the details of what it takes to do the job right to get the gaps all correct, all the surfaces matched and the reinforcing to prevent future cracks and blemishes.  I have received numerous compliments on the body work and paint finish and have passed on your business card to others who are looking to upgrade their cars but are hesitant to go with entrusted company.  Thanks Again for a Great Job
Bob Schaefer
Huntington Beach, CA

Whole Hearted Endorsement of Jack

Jack, Just wanted to write a short note to let you know how happy I am with the work you recently completed on my ‘62 Vette.  Not only were all facets of the body work and paint completed by Jack but he managed the process of re-chroming all exterior elements, the work included adding a new windshield and soft top and a completely new and revitalized interior. Every part of the interior was custom built including leather seats, new carpets, a new stereo ( that’s I pod plug compatible ), and a new digital clock that looks from the outside just like a brand new one from the factory, except this one is accurate more than twice a day. Today my car is an absolutely a gem. As I had hoped, from the outside it looks like a stock black on black 62, just like it rolled off the factory floor. It however, is way nicer to drive than the engineers at GM ever could have imagined.  Thanks Jack for making my ride such a fun machine and such an amazing eye catcher.  Here are a couple of pics with my friend Christie and my 62. Wherever it goes people ask if they can take a picture of it and it gathers way more friends than my new Z06 or my AMG Mercedes.  If  you’re considering a project of an existing Corvette by all means accept my whole hearted endorsement of Jack. 

Larry Barels

Santa Barbara, California 


You did so fine!

Here is a photo for you. 

You did so fine on my car!



  The bodywork and paintjob are fantastic...
Hi Jack, I am so excited to get my 67 Corvette home from your shop yesterday.  The bodywork and paintjob are fantastic.  Everyone who sees it so far has commented on how great it looks.
Thanks Again,
Ron Robinson

Incomparable Customer Service
Hi Jack,
Just a quick note to let you know that the new seats you installed are great. Not only did you exceed my expectations with the price you exceeded them with your customer service. I thought I found the right place to have my vette serviced when I went to Coast Corvette, but when I visited your shop and experienced your incomparable customer service I knew Coast wasn't the place anymore for me.  I thought you would like to know that you have earned my business from this point forward. Just take a look at those seats!!!
Thanks P.J. Montrone


All he kept asking me was who put this wonderful paint job on this fantastic silver blue Vette
Dear Jack,

I think some people would like to know about how well a paint job and restoration from McJacks holds up over time. I have got to say that our 1964 Convertible you painted and did the body work on almost 4 years ago still looks phenomenal, and I'm a guy that drives the wheels off it. We took the car to a detailer not too long ago and all he kept asking me was who put this wonderful paint job on this fantastic silver blue Vette. On top of that the cooling system you custom made for the car works great! When we were living in Las Vegas we had no problem taking the Stingray out in stop and go traffic even when it was 100, 110 or even 115 degrees outside.

Many thanks Jack. I'll see you soon with my '63.
Doug and Natasha Shaffer


The paint job turned out beautiful and the attention to detail was perfect
Hi Jack,
Thank you for all your help restoring my 69 Corvette Coupe. The paint job turned out beautiful and the attention to detail was perfect. I enjoyed seeing the project mature week by week until completion. I will definitely recommend your work without hesitation. I look forward to doing other work at your shop in the future.

Once again  -  Thanks for your work !!
Bob Reeves


So Far a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place...

Thanks for a great resto on my '62 Vette.  So far a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at local car shows.
Keep up the good work!

Lee Barry


 Can't believe the glass like finish you put on this car
Thanks Jack for making a long time dream become reality.  I am so proud of the beautiful job you did on my 75' Stingray Coupe.  I asked my wife if I could park it in the living room, but she didn't think that was a good idea. LOL.  But seriously, the body work and hours of patience your great crew took to make this car a reality for me, shows how dedicated you all are to Vette restoration.  The color I picked is a Black Cherry, and it really glows in the sun.  My friends and family can't believe the glass like finish you put on this car.  I first bought the car as a project to do with my son, and after he passed away a year and a half after I got it, I lost interest in it, but finally decided to check you out, and then talked to you about finishing it, and you told me to bring it in, and so now a long dream of mine is reality.

Thanks again for all of your dedication to  restoration.
Mel Brauer, Brea, Calif.

  Your team of professionals are very articulate...
I wanted to thank you again for a great job well done! You and your staff completed a magnificent restoration on my collector 66' big block Vette.  Your team of professionals are very articulate.  After a closer look at your completion of my Vette, I realized that all the seams and margins of the car; from the perfectly opening and closing moving components, to the doors, hood and convertible enclosure, are all perfectly aligned, as if you used some sort of gauge to ensure that the spacing and gaps are perfect.  When I resell this Vette, I am going to pocket a $20,000 profit-all thanks to McJack's Corvettes; and your team of meticulous experts.  The new paint looks like a sheet of ice... its astounding!!! Thanks Jack... and thank your team for their endless efforts.  You are THE man!

The car drives and looks great!
Dear Jack,
Thank you for your service on my 67 Vette. The car drives and looks great! I appreciate your knowledge, experience and fair pricing. I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone that needs restoration on their corvette.

Brock and Jill Koren


We felt like part of the family...
As we progressed our 2-year, Father-Son, '73 Corvette restoration, we stressed over who we might find to cap our work with first-rate body repair/repainting. Perhaps like others, we wanted something nice without spending Danny's first year college tuition. We discovered McJacks and we couldn't be more pleased that we did. The fit and finish are really great, you completed when you said you would and the price was what we wanted to pay. We felt like part of the family on our weekend visits during the process. We didn't plan for a show car but you and the team have exceeded our expectations. We have received so much encouragement from our friends and even complete strangers, the first show is scheduled. Many thanks to you Jack and your team for a truly great job. We are now planning the project for Mike (Son #2) and we are including McJacks as part of that plan.


McJacks can be trusted...
It took me 36 years to get the car I always wanted.  And as a Company First Sergeant in the Marines I am used to having things done a certain way.   Being a corvette enthusiast myself I learned very quickly after speaking with Jack that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.  When we were finished talking I came to realize that Jack had forgotten more about Corvettes than most people will ever know.  With that said I can categorically state without any reservation that Jack is the consummate professional and is the authority when it comes to corvettes.  Prior to me committing my “Road Glider” to Jacks care, he and I went over the vehicle inch by inch as he described the work he was going to do to the “Road Master”.  While in his care every inch of that “Street Sled” was meticulously worked on and thoroughly inspected time and time again before the next phase was started.  Only after test driving it himself and watching it for a few days and inspecting it once more would he tell me it was ready.  And only after it met my approval would he close out the ticket and send his mechanics home.  What makes this 1981 Corvette, a.k.a.“Mr Cruising Vessel” the number one “Street Sled” in the America is the fact that McJacks can be trusted.  Jack, you’re on my speed dial buddy!

Strives to keep me and his customers happy...
Jack has been repairing my 1959 Red Corvette for quite a while now and he always strives to keep me and his customers happy with fair prices and good repairs.
Jerry Bondurant
Lake Forrest, CA
We went home with two Vettes instead of just one!
Jack,   I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the "buying" experience at McJack's Corvettes ( that must be why we went home with two Vettes instead of just one!) The drive home was fun. The cars are stellar, but your knowledge, honesty, and integrity are even more impressive. To anyone who wants to buy a car that has been gone through with a fine -tooth comb, I would say " Look no further. Jack will make you aware of everything, and take care of you." It was great to deal with your family (Tony your father and Matt your son, are great, and so helpful.) My husband has been gracious enough to let me drive his '74 a little bit until my '73 arrives. I can't  wait! My daughter is already hinting broadly about how a Corvette would be an excellent graduation present with investment potential. Well, at least she knows her cars. Here's wishing you all the success you so richly deserve. We'll be watching for you on the Discovery Channel!             
Allyn Alsabagh,  Manteca, CA

If anyone knows how to restore cars... you are THE MAN! 
Big Jack! 
I remember the day when I purchased my 66' Corvette from a dealer in Florida. I was so excited when the delivery trucked arrived. Unfortunately, if you will remember, the driver did not properly secure one of the ramps, and when he backed my shinny Corvette down the ramp, it gave way and crushed my car. I was doomed! I guess you could say that it sucked the living excitement right outta' my spine.
  Over the next week, I was embarrassed to store the wrecked Corvette in my garage, hoping that my neighbors wouldn't ask to see my new possession! I began calling Corvette restoration shops all over the US. Ultimately, I was lead to you. Imagine how happy I was to learn that your restoration shop was less than five-miles from my home!  Needless to say, when I arrived, I was amassed with amazement when looking at all of the goodies around your facility. You have some amazing toys Jackster! I felt like such a dirtbag when I pulled into your shop with my wrecked Corvette. More shocking was this look on your face when you saw the damage on my car... it was like you took it personally. lol! Fortunately I arrived with a (very) hot chick and I didn't have to wait too long for you to begin the restoration on my car. lol. But seriously Jack... because of the magnificent restoration that you effortlessly completed on my Corvette, you inspired me to purchase another.... and I want to thank you for your amazing talents! If anyone knows how to restore cars... you are THE MAN! 

Sebastian Ragazzo

Orange County, CA

Your attention to detail, and perfectionism is 2nd to no one!
Just a quick note to thank you for all your hard work and time you have spent on my car.  My car is my treasure and I want it to look as good as it can be. Your attention to detail, and perfectionism is second to no one! I appreciate everything and would recommend you to everyone who owns a Corvette!  I look forward to working with you again!                
Steve DeVenney
The experience and workmanship was perfect...
Jack....Having spent 40 years as an automobile dealer it became "my turn" to be the consumer. I purchased my 62 Corvette eight years ago and was waiting for the right time and the right guy to make it "new". The experience and workmanship was perfect. Thanks so much. The car will be garaged at my house in Palm Desert and my ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley. The 260 mile drive between the two has now become a dream!                          
Jeff Frank,
Woodstock Vineyards,
Santa Ynez California.
Thanks Jack for making a long time dream become reality...
Thanks Jack for making a long time dream become reality.  I am so proud of the beautiful job you did on my 75' Stingray Coupe.  I asked my wife if I could park it in the living room, but she didn't think that was a good idea. LOL.  But seriously, the body work and hours of patience your great crew took to make this car a reality for me, shows how dedicated you all are to Vette restoration.  The color I picked is a Black Cherry, and it really glows in the sun.  My friends and family can't believe the glass like finish you put on this car.  I first bought the car as a project to do with my son, and after he passed away a year and a half after I got it, I lost interest in it, but finally decided to check you out, and then talked to you about finishing it, and you told me to bring it in, and so now a long dream of mine is reality. Thanks again for all of your dedication to  restoration.                     
Mel Brauer, Brea, Calif. 

It runs and sounds great and looks terrific!
Hello Jack,
 I just wanted to add that I am extremely pleased with the professional restoration job that you performed on my 1976 Corvette Stingray.  It runs and sounds great and looks terrific!  I have received numerous compliments on the car, especially the outstanding paint job! Looking at the picture of my Corvette next to my jet, it looks like the car could out-run the jet hands down! 
 Thanks Dick W. San Diego Ca.

    Not your normal, “looks good,” or “not bad,” but true Genuine “Whoa.”
In our corvette club new letter “Corvette Capers” from Corvettes of So. Cal., I found McJacks Corvettes offering fast and no hassle  restorations on Corvettes.  I contacted Jack, told him what I wanted, listened to some reasonable suggestions, and had the car towed in.  The Vette had sat in my garage 15 years, yet it took him 5 minutes to start it up. Six weeks total time. The only original parts left on the car is the frame, engine block, transmission, rear end, half shafts, and drive shaft, glass, engine gages, fiberglass, and dash. Even the keys and locks were changed.  One thing I can say, when the big boys came by, I got the ultimate complement on the car engine.  Not your normal, “looks good,” or “not bad,” but true genuine “Whoa.”  In the testosterone world of men and their toys, it was an  accomplishment and satisfaction.  John Carson  Mission Viejo, Ca.

How impressive that your skills are now being recognized by Chip Foose...
How impressive that your skills are now being recognized by Chip Foose.  You are truly one of a handful of “Car Guys” that know what they are doing! Speaking of which, I wanted to let you know how your restoration on my ’72 has turned many heads and to include my own.  I never really appreciated my Corvette until you and you crew performed a complete makeover.  Although I don’t get to drive it as much as I would like, it occasionally comes up in conversation between friends.  I always get a kick when I role off the cover in the garage and see people’s faces knowing that they want what you have helped to bring back to life. Great Job Jack!
Sincerely, Mike Etchison

The outcome is what I call Art...
Hey Jack,
     Just want to thank you for making the purchase of my Lambo hinges a great experience. Can't say I wasn't concerned about making such a sizeable purchase over the phone & across the country. Not only did the package arrive quickly(6 days);  they were just what I was looking for. They bolted on very easily & the outcome is what I call Art. I was just at a show & shine today here in Calgary at Western Corvette & got lots of oohs & ahhhs and am the proud owner of the only upright doored Corvette here in Calgary & its because of doing business with you. So thanx again Jack.  Bob Mundy  Canada
    Car looks great...
Hi Jack
Just wanted to let you know that we made it home Saturday night in one piece, but not until 9:45 PM--the traffic getting out of L.A. and the fog all the way from the grapevine made it a long trip. Anyway, the car looks great and is safely tucked away in the garage. Thanks again. Looking forward to the last pictures you took and seeing the restoration on your web-site.

    McJacks is the only place I will ever go for work on my Corvette...
I have proudly shown my car to everyone that will look. All have been impressed by the quality of work you and your crew performed. Your job of matching colors was perfect. I have been telling everyone that McJacks is the only place I will ever go for work on my Corvette.
Thanks again.
Steve Hubbs

    You have gone way beyond my expectations!
Dear Jack,
I want to thank you for the awesome job you guys did on my 2001 Corvette Z06.  You have gone way beyond my expectations! To anybody Reading this:
I brought the car in after a mishap on a wet road and a Tahoe left the rear suspension broken and bent, frame bent, and some minor body damage. He did an excellent job with the repairs to the point that you can't tell it was ever damaged. It drives and looks as good as new, if not better! While there I saw some of the awesome paint jobs he had done to other cars there and decided since some of the body would need paint, why not get the whole thing done in a custom color of my choosing. Jack was very helpful in educating me on types of paint helping me pick out the color I envisioned.  When I saw the car after the paint job, my wife and I were blown away!  Smooth as glass! I get thumbs up from other Vette drivers when ever on the road.  People have asked where I got it painted and when I tell them they either mentally file it away for future reference or  they have heard of McJacks and say that they are the best paint shop in Southern CA. I did not know that when I took it in for repairs and paint but I sure know that now, first hand!
Thanks again Jack and keep up the great work!

  McJacks was the spot to do my restoration...
My story started last year December when I purchased a 67 Corvette in rough condition from Colorado.  While looking for places to do the restoration I remembered talking to a nice guy @ McJacks in California so I decided to give McJacks another call.  After a discussion with you I was convinced McJacks was the spot to do my restoration.  I shipped my car from Colorado to your shop in California for restoration, my friends thought I was crazy to have a shop that far away from me do a full restoration. You called me as soon as the car was delivered and a few hours later you sent me a ton of detailed pictures of every angle of the car.  We then together reviewed the pictures and discussed the level of restoration I wanted to do.  Every few days you sent me progress update emails and pictures and it seemed as if I was right there in California during the restoration. Well to make a long story short after restoration I took delivery of the car and could not believe my eyes when I saw it.  Sure I had seen a ton of pictures of the car and have heard the Appraiser and shipping company rant about how good the restoration was but to see the car in it's restored condition was out of this world.  Every time I am out in the car people from novice car buffs to full fledge fanatics comment on the great shape it is in, the paint, the lines, the interior.  Thanks again for everything Jack!
This car drives like a dream...
This car drives like a dream and I'm sure it will give me many hours of joy.  Thanks for your kindness and your dad's help in making one of my dreams come true.
Thanks Again,
Jim Hoggatt
Buying a car from you was the smartest move I could have made...
Jack thanks for delivering on your promises. Aside from providing me with my dream car, you stood by your word and eased the fears I had about buying a 33 year old car.
Buying a car from you was the smartest move I could have made.
Leland, Hollywood, CA
    Thanks for doing a great job on the car...
Hello Jack,
Well the good news is we made it home without any problems. Left California on Sunday and arrived Friday in Utah. Thanks for doing a great job on the car and we can verify that we drove the car from CA to IN in 6 days without any difficulties at all. We expect to be taking the car to local car shows this fall and a bunch next year. Got lots of looks and comments on the trip home, old guys like me really like the old cars since they we a part of our youth. Of course it seems like everyone thinks you should race them and they look at you and damn near run into you too while they are gawking. Oh well the price you pay for having fun I guess.
We're very happy and we will tell everyone about our great experience with McJacks and the hands-on owner and Corvette enthusiast.
Best regards,      
Lane and Kathy Jorgensen.
    You are a man of your word...
Hi Jack,
Thanks for all the work you did on my beautiful Red 79. This is the second Corvette I bought from you. You are a man of your word. You said you would take care of any little details, since I'm local and "Dial In" my corvette. You replaced the carburetor, so it runs great, replaced the rotors in the rear wheels to stop the squeak, and stopped the small leak of transmission fluid. All that added to the already new paint job, new interior, and new tires. My 79 is a great cruiser ready to go. I am a Happy Customer.
Thanks again,
Bill Ovard, Long Beach, CA

One Trip to Jack's and I was spoiled for Choice...
I have wanted the perfect vette my whole life, but after years of searching all I had found was one useless p.o.s. after another. One trip to Jack's and I was spoiled for choice. Jack is an artist, and his vettes are works of art. My car runs and looks like it just rolled off the line, and nobody cares more about their art then Jack who, frankly, is the coolest motherf@#*er you'll ever buy a car from. Rock on Jack!! 
-Hal Ozsan                       


Getting a Corvette restored by McJacks was the way to go...
Thanks again for the beautiful 77 black on black Corvette.  I have been waiting a long time for this model, year, color and getting a Corvette restored by McJack’s was the way to go.  I love driving it and I did not have to hassle with any of the restoration process myself.  If I am ever in the market for another Corvette, I’ll be back to look over your selection.
Jeff-Irvine, Ca

    The paintjob is Fabulous!
Dear Jack
Thank you for the Magnificent job you and the boys did on my 92 Corvette. My new leather seats and carpet make the interior feel like new. The paintjob is Fabulous! I now have the sexiest Corvette in Southern California! I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of your shop. I will never forget what you did for me!
John Stevens
    Thank you for selling me a great Corvette...
Thank you for selling me a great Corvette. You informed me of everything I wanted to know before entering into the corvette world. You picked me out a good one. You also took care of me after the sale and did a few things I wanted, just like you said you would.
Thanks again,
    Hard to believe at 30 I already own my dream car...
Jack and John, I know I bought my car some time ago but, I am just know getting around to e-mailing you guys to tell you how happy we are with the ZR-1. The reason I haven't written before now is, my wife just gave birth to our son and have been a little busy preparing for his arrival. He is now three months old and I have already given him a ride twice in the car. Since buying the car I have done quite a bit to it. I have added a custom chip, exhaust, and am sending the engine components to get custom powder coating done. Also I am getting new rims next week. I have had so much fun with the car I have had to put new back tires on it. This time, instead of the stock 315/35/17,  I went a bit wider with 335/35/17. It now has 35.5k miles on it. Not much more than when I got it but, when I do drive it I have a blast. My wife really likes the ride quality over our old 86'. She still won't drive it though. Again Thanks for everything. When I bought the car I was 29 years old and now will be 30 next month. Hard to believe at 30 I already own my dream car. 
Thanks again,        
The Gargano family
    You're the Go-to-Guy for all my Corvette needs and tech!
Took my Vette home yesterday 292 mile trip, ran outstanding my friend. I'm very pleased with the ride and impressed with the vehicle and the shape it is in especially  for the year. You have some clean rides Jack and your attention to detail and your stock is among some of the best out there. You are a true veteran of the corvette world!
You know your stuff Jack! You're the man! Thanks for the help, the sale and all the info. It is most appreciated. From now on you're the go-to-guy for all my corvette needs and tech!
Most Sincerely,
John Woodley
    No-Pressure and Hassle-Free as it gets
The researching and buying process at McJacks is about as no-pressure and hassle-free as it gets. Jack is patient and will answer your (in my case numerous) questions. The selection and quality of his inventory is top-notch. I've received many compliments on my "new" 82' Coupe; people are amazed that a 20+ year old car can look and run that well. I don't think it makes sense to try and do it yourself through a private party when there's a place like McJacks.
For those of you like me who may have been dreaming of buying a new Corvette but realized that they're just out of reach, consider a classic. They're very affordable and have some spirit that new things just can't have. I know I love my C3. . . now my wife wants her own Vette . . . 
Ben, Fullerton CA
    She looks and rides like a dream...
Just a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with all the work and detail you put into our 74. She looks and rides like a dream. Becky and I always enjoyed visiting you and watching her turn into the show car she is now. We always were made to feel more like family than customers. We're amazed at your knowledge and care for every detail. As far as we're concerned, no one will ever touch our baby but you guys!
Love You
Gary & Becky Hamilton

We've been treated like family...
To the entire staff at McJack’s Corvettes:
Thank you for the great service we received on the purchase of our Corvette. We can’t speak highly enough about McJack’s and the entire staff. From our first encounter at McJack’s, we’ve been treated like family. There was never any pressure to buy, just an honest presentation of the cars available in our price range. We’ve never had a more pleasant car buying experience due to the honesty and integrity in the name of McJack’s. It was a difficult decision because every Corvette on the lot was in excellent condition, from the earliest models to the latest. Our choice was a beautiful black ’87 C4 coupe with the 4+3 manual transmission that didn’t have enough mileage on the odometer to satisfy the original manufacturers warranty. My wife and I enjoy taking road trips and are looking forward to many years of driving pleasure in our (like new) C4. We couldn’t be happier with the car or the service we’ve received. We highly recommend McJack’s to anyone seeking a classic Corvette with the assurance of exceptional quality and value. We absolutely love the Corvette and we’ll be sure to send photo’s of our road trips whenever we get out.

I am very pleased with the ride...
Made it back to Sacramento without any problems. I am very pleased with the ride, handling and power . . . fun to drive!  Sandy and Kelly took it away from me tonight; to go cruising' to dinner; left me here to work. Hmmm.
They have bent over backwards for me...
Dear John and Jack,    
You guys are more than awesome and I want to thank you guys!!! To all who read this: At McJacks' Corvettes they have bent over backwards for me.  I am the pickiest most stubborn girl around and they were able to please me!  I am so happy with my beautiful 69 Shark.  I am so thankful I bought it from honest people, because I have heard so many horror stories about other places people have bought their cars from and I think to myself thank God for my beautiful Shark!! So all you people who want to get a Vette you better check out McJacks before you make a mistake! -Because a mistake can cost you! See you guys later!!!
Shadow Hills, CA                                                       
Your service has been great before, during, and after the sale...
Thanks for all of your help in making the purchase of our first Vette.  We've had our 40th Anniversary Corvette for a little over a year now and  love it as much today as we did the day we received it.  We've never purchased a car without test driving it first, so purchasing this one without even seeing it was a big step. We don't regret our decision a bit!  Your service has been great before, during, and after the sale.  Thank you for making our dream a reality!
Rich and Janet
St. Louis, Missouri
Fun to drive!
Made it back to Sacramento without any problems. I am very pleased with the ride, handling and power . . . fun to drive!  Sandy and Kelly took it away from me tonight; to go cruising' to dinner; left me here to work. Hmmm.
There was no pressure...
I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous when I was driving to your dealership this evening, retiring in a few days at 55 years old, having worked at GTE-VERIZON  for thirty seven years( that is a big change in life). But John and yourself made me feel very comfortable, there was no pressure "you relaxed me, plus you were very generous to me concerning the trade in you gave me for my truck.  It was a pleasure driving home tonight in my new "77 Vette". Half way home I knew that I had bought the right" Vette" because of the  way it looks, sounds, feels, and handles, plus the price was right. This is the right way to start full time retirement, right from the get go!
Jack, I made myself into a liar, I said that I was not interested in women, but I have a girlfriend now. I met her in church, ( she is pretty enough to be a model). Undoubtedly the Corvette had something to do with it.
Jim Cashon
    It looks excellent and I get a lot of looks...
Hi Jack,
I just wanted to say how happy I am with the paintjob you did.  It looks excellent and I get a lot of looks.  I love the car!
Dean Marshall
San Diego, CA
    Catches everyone's eye!
Just wanted to drop you a note on how happy I am with my 1980 Corvette.
You and John were very helpful with all my questions. The car looks and runs great, and catches everyone's eye! I look forward to many years of enjoyment. Thanks
Rich Bennett
You and your crew did a great job!
Hey Jack,
I just wanted to thank you for getting my 1981 Corvette ready for SUMMER.  It had been is storage for the winter and needed some TLC and your and your crew did a great job.  I am looking forward to a great California cruising summer.   Thanks again,
David Cox
    The 1 time in my life that I actually enjoyed a car buying experience...
Hi Jack,
I just wanted to let you know how much fun I'm having driving around in my
73 shark. I get compliments every where I go thanks to the black urethane paint job. I am really having a lot of fun driving around Southern Cal. It was a real pleasure buying my Vette from you and John. It has been the only time in my life that I actually enjoyed a car buying experience. The carne asada is really outstanding. I will definitely talk to you first when I buy my next Vette! I feel the need, the need for speed!
    We are having a great time with our Corvette...
Thank you all at McJacks Corvettes! We are having a great time with our corvette. We just got back from our trip from Texas, and what FUN! Thanks again, 
Glenn and Sue Stearman
    Thank you and you have a customer for life!
My daughter and I had been looking for a classic corvette for some time and never found one that we really felt comfortable with. There was always something wrong with ones that we looked at that turned us away from buying it. This all changed when I visited your shop one day and found a 77 corvette that had just been restored and was priced very fairly. I talked to you and John and I felt very comfortable with going ahead with the purchase. The big problem was that my daughter, whom was going to share the car with me, was very picky. She would find the smallest detail wrong with a car and we would walk away from it. I told you that I would bring her down to look at the car and if she liked it, I would buy it. I really didn't have much hope that she would like the car as much as I did, but after she took one look at it, she said " dad, I want this car!" and that was that.  My daughter and I love this car and the black paint job you put on this car is unbelievable. My daughter and I are probably two of the pickiest people around and if we both fell in love with a Mcjacks corvette, I would think everyone would. All it takes is a trip to your shop and a talk with you and John, and your hooked! You stand behind what you sell and you have proved it to us. Thank you and you have a customer for life! Rick & Jennifer Tankersley

It has been everything I hoped...
Having fun around the track during daughters High School Home Coming with the toy I purchased from McJacks.  With its age it takes tender loving care but it has been everything I hoped.

Happy Mick in Walnut California

Real customer Service...
Dear Jack, and John,
I have always wanted a Corvette, and now I got one...a beautiful 1981 black on black.  This car is a real eye catcher.....and gets the ladies warmed up, when I pull up to do my bachelorette parties.....  Thanks so much for taking care of the little odds and ends the car needed after purchasing it...that to me is real customer service.....
Sincerely,    Boyd Crews
    My neighbors are Green with Envy...
Jack and John,                                                        
Love the Vette! Everyone who has seen it has commented on how sharp it looks. My neighbors are green with envy, I told them the only cure is to go to go to McJacks and buy a Vette. I appreciated the attention to detail put into the car prior to my purchase. The drive home to San Diego from your shop turned a lot of heads, just what I wanted. You guys are doing a great job keeping people happy.
 Regards, Chris Payne San Diego, Ca.
Do yourself a favor and stop by McJacks...
Dear McJacks Corvettes,                                          
I have always wanted to upgrade my 86 Vette.  The power antenna on my car quit working, so surfing the net I came across your website. I decided to pay a visit in hopes of solving my problem with my radio.  I asked  John if he had any 92-96 Vettes in the shop.  His response was  "we sure do, one just came in". Wow! What a gem it was a beautiful   94!   So needless to say I was an  instant owner of the new car.  If you're taking the time to read this, and looking at the inventory please do yourself a favor and stop by McJacks, not only will you get a greta car but Friendly Service.
Eric White
  It's the best!!
Hey Jack & John,                                       
Thanks for your help getting my '91 Vette. It gets lots of jealous looks from the neighbors. You guys said that, this was the coolest, best looking, best kept Vette that you had, but you were wrong. it's the coolest, best looking, best kept Vette that I have! it's the best!!
Ron Smith
Valencia, Ca
    You all made us feel right at home...
Hey Jack - We can't say enough about the friendly, one on one service we received the day we walked into your shop. You all made us feel right at home, answered all our questions, gave us a tour and history of your business and even served up lunch, that's service like no other! Manny found your web site and was hooked for months, on one particular car. Four months later....we were headed north to check it out. Thanks to you, he's the proud owner of a corvette and is in heaven every time he slips into the seat. Can't wait to take that ride up the coast just to say "hello" to you and your awesome crew, and show off the car. Thanks again, you guys are the best.......
Manny & Stephanie Madrid  San Diego, CA
We came to McJacks because of your reputation...
Hi Jack,                                                                     
We couldn't be happier with our "sweet 74". It is everything we hoped for in a classic corvette. You and John made the sale easy without the high pressure sales that you would typically expect to endure. We came to McJacks because of your reputation for quality corvettes and great customer service. We were not disappointed. Thanks for making us another happy corvette owner.  
 Eric and Tracy Dunahoo
  McJacks Corvettes is a Home Run...
Thanks guys. The Vette is even more than I expected and it makes flying with the eagles fun. She's in excellent shape and is everything I had right on time for my 56th birthday on Tuesday and I'm in heaven. Please tell John I appreciate his help. Jen's team won last night. She was on the
Colorado  1993 State Championship Team and still holds the school home run record. After we talked last night she lived up to her past and hit a home run. I think McJack's Corvette is a Home Run as well.
Rocky Mountain High Jim
Exceeded my service Expectations...
Jack & John,                                                                                                
I love my 82 Vette and on a scale of 1 to 10 you get a rating of 9.9 from me.  I guess your asking yourself why I didn’t give you a 10?  Simple, if you had thrown in one of your Ad Models with this beautiful 82 you would have received a 10.  There are a couple of them that would look really good in my Red Vette… You guys did exactly what you said you would do and have exceeded my service expectations.  You now have another happy customer and if I run across anyone looking for a great Corvette I’m sending him or her to you.


John Hall

Aliso Viejo, CA

  Nothing but Compliments...
To Jack & John                                                               
This is from Denise and David in Tulsa OK. We arrived home in great condition and since we have had nothing but compliments on the 85 model we bought. You and you people are real pros and we were treated great before and after the sale. If anyone is going to take the honor of owning one of Jacks fine corvette classics please go to their place of business on Saturday as the cookouts they have only on Saturdays is very, very good and worth waiting for!!!!!! Again Thanks for the fine auto and We hope we have the opportunity to do business again in the future as my brother is going to be in the market for a classic Vette in the very near future.  And, guess who gets to fly out and bring it back to him?!? You guessed it , not him! Again, Thanks and I hope to see you guys again soon.         David and Denise Dotson                 Tulsa, Ok.
  Prompt Service, Honest and Courteous...
Jack, John and Tony,                                                       
My wife and I are enjoying our '96 convertible. It's fast, quick and the ride is awesome, just like John said. It's good to know that people like you are still around. Prompt service, honest and courteous, you sure know how to treat your customers right. The service  we received was excellent. From the first phone call 'til I drove out the car. Thanks for helping us own this roadster rocket.    Romeo and Jane
Thanks again for your entire team's hard work...
Jack, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent restoration that was recently done on my 61 Vette.  The car runs like a dream and is a real head turner.  The 2x4 carbs have really increased its power and performance and with the new exhaust system you can hear me coming from a mile down the road!  Thanks again for your entire teams hard work.
Craig McCoy
    Reliable business partner... in an intercontinental deal!
Dear Jack                                                                                                    
For us Mc Jacks is the place to be to look for a corvette in mint condition. We have bought our new Sports Car at McJacks some years ago. It was immediately clear that Jack has an eye for class and style. The Coupe was (and still is) in a very good condition presented in the real all American style. Therefore we are convinced that McJacks will keep the Corvette, All American, as it is meant to be!. When we will look for a new Corvette McJacks will be the first place to look! Besides that, McJacks has shown to be a reliable business partner even in an Intercontinental deal!
Lars Naber
    We are so glad that we found McJacks...
We love our special collectors' Edition Corvette and we look forward to happy driving in it. We are so glad that we found McJacks on the internet and were led to this wonderful car. In the near future we'll be driving up to Morro Bay and we really look forward to letting it out on the highway. We were really pleased with the courtesy and consideration that was given to us at McJacks
Bob & Eleanor
    It looks and runs like a new car... 
I got a 1985 Corvette at McJacks and the service I got from everyone was A+ from the time I walked in, to the time I drove out! I had a lot of cars and I have never had it go so easy. The car was in A+ Condition. It looks and runs like a new car. I just wanted to say, Thank you to everyone at McJacks Corvettes.   Angelo Delina
    You made it a painless experience...
Jack and John;                                                                     
Loretta and I are just having a blast in our Corvette. We like the attention we get when driving around town. I wanted a hot rod for the longest time and after exploring the market I could not find anything that did not require extensive restoration of some sort. Hot rods where out .... We started talking about Corvettes, after all, it is a true American Hot Rod. We began looking around and after a couple of weeks looking at Vettes in various stages of decomposition we began looking at Corvette specialty shops. My first visit to your web site I found our '85 and the rest is history. It was red with an automatic, mandated by Loretta, low miles and everything on the car was intact and working, even the clock... You made it a painless experience for us to finally get our HOT ROD.
Many thanks, Bob and Loretta 

I look forward to a long relationship with McJacks Corvettes!
Dear Jack:
Kathy and I just took delivery of our 454 big block. The car was everything you said it was and more! The power and sound is bone rattling not to mention that this 1971 corvette is a real head turner. The interior was spotless and congratulations on a super paintjob. Best of all my experience in purchasing the Corvette exceeded my expectations especially as we dealt almost exclusively over the internet. Every email was answered within a timely manner and every telephone call was returned promptly. Photographs will be forthcoming and maybe I will have more to say if Kathy ever let’s me drive this beauty. Thanks again for helping to make our Christmas the best ever. I look forward to a long relationship with McJacks Corvettes!
Ron and Kathy Vuy
The Palm Beaches, Florida

An absolute blast...
John and Jack -                                                               
 I love the car.    My neighbors love the car.   My friends love the car.   Even my wife "likes" the car.   An absolute blast.    This was a quick and easy sale with great service afterward.   You told me to bring the car back in a week with a list of anything that needed to be done.   Came back the following Saturday with a few things to be fixed and you finished it all in an afternoon and provided me with a great lunch.   This is my first Corvette after having six Mustangs.   It won't be my last.    See you soon for some more of your Saturday BBQ's. 
Thank you.      .....Chris Stark

Thanks for the excellent service...
Santa’s present arrived yesterday and it looks great!!!! Thanks for the excellent service. Once the weather clears and I can get pictures of the car, I will be sending you some for your web site. It was a pleasure to work with you and I am very pleased with the car. Thanks again for the excellent service. Rick George

        I'm wearing my McJacks T-shirt with pride...
Jack and John,                                                     
Ted Thompson here. Thanks a lot for all the help with the car, it's looks and runs great. The way you and the guys in the shop treated my wife and I was outstanding. The ride down to San Diego was fun. I just wanted to keep driving. Took it out Sunday for a ride and it turned a lot of heads. I'm wearing my "McJacks" T-shirt with pride.
A very happy customer,      Ted Thompson
    I can tell you I'm glad I found you on the web...
Thanks for making this Vette owner experience a step into the timeless. Every time I approach the car I think, good looking car. When I get in and fire it up. I starts first time. No hesitation. It purrs along at 197
degrees, 48 to 52 lbs of pressure, mileage is averaging around 17 to 19 through town. On the freeway, once I get up to speed I can dial into 31 to 31 mpg at 65 mph tacking 1600 rpm. Just cruising... When it is time to go, the mpg drops down to 22 to 25 depending on the gear. I was over talking to Scott on Friday. I got a new set of emblems for the front and the back. He had a 90 ZR-1 in there with the dual over head cam 32
valve motor. He said it turns about 400 horses and can turn as much as 750. That was a pretty motor. I can tell you I'm glad I found you on the web.
Bruce Franklin
After a couple weeks of Looking around at other Corvette shops......I knew your shop was the one to do business with and purchased a beautiful 1981 Silver T-top Corvette...4 Speed of course.  I am having the time of my life driving my baby around! Her name is "Vickie" and she is a blast!  I love the car and the fact you are committed to customer satisfaction.  Your knowledge of Corvettes is impressive and I appreciate that you took the time to personally see the car was serviced just right before I picked her up!! There is no doubt I will be back for service, for other purchases, and just to say hello to my new found family.  THANKS FOR LOVING CORVETTES, RESTORING CORVETTES, AND BEING THE BEST SHOP IN TOWN
    I'm Hooked...
Thanks for the great Vette.  The amount of awesome comments about how nice the car looks and drives has been super.  Please feel free to use the following on your satisfied customer comments page.  They are sincere and unsolicited.  I've always wanted a late 70s to early 80s model Corvette.  I checked out quite a few before stopping down at McJacks.  Once I set foot in McJack's shop I knew I would leave there with one of his Corvettes.  The Corvette selection and workmanship were second to none.  He and his staff personally took great care of me and made buying this superb Vette as easy as buying a ski lift ticket.  No hassles and everything was ready to go and at an outstanding price.  I test fly fighter jets for the Navy so you can believe me when I tell you these machines are very well groomed and perform at top notch levels.  This won't be the last Vette I buy here.  I'm hooked.  If you are even thinking about a Corvette call or e-mail Jack.  He will personally call or e-mail you back and he won't disappoint.
LCDR Rich Byrnes
    The service and your mechanics provided was truly outstanding..
Thanks again to you and your crew for fixing my 1984 Corvette. The service you and your mechanics provided was truly outstanding. Driving my car straight into your shop with not only almost immediate service but to have parts replaced and items fixed while I waited was simply unsurpassed by any other dealership or shop that I have visited. You have a customer for life!   I am truly satisfied and you and your crew are highly  knowledgeable,  courteous, and professional. I will be back.
Thanks again!
    Just as sexy as when she was new...
Hey Jack, John, and Crew,
Hello Lawrence
It's taken me awhile to write but it only means that I have more great things to say after the great work that you have done for me on my 1980
silver baby over the past year.  The most amazing thing was making her look like new again! She was just as sexy as when she was new!  Jack,
thank you so much for boosting the horsepower!  I just wanted to say thanks for throwing in all of the little things to improve the ride and my experience.  Everyone warned me not to get a 20+ year old car because of the potential problems, you guys always hook her up, give me great deals and made sure that we were always running!
Los Angeles, CA
    The most honest car dealership that I have ever dealt with...
I just wanted to drop a line and say Thank You for an unbelievable Vette.  At least for today I am the most popular guy at work.  Everybody is
commenting an how nice of a car this is.  If I know of anybody else looking for a nice, clean Vette, I will definitely send them your way. You were great to work with and probably the most honest car dealership that I have ever dealt with. It is not every day that I spend this much one over the internet.  You guys made it easy and put my mind at ease.
Thanks again for a GREAT car.
Tim Fisher
Fairmont, WV
    2 Years now, and it still drives like it did the day I bought it...
I just wanted to let all of you guys there at McJacks know how much fun I am having with this wonderful 92 Corvette that you sold me. I am sorry that I did not write to you sooner. I just want all of you  to know how much fun I am having with this lil hot, fast, classy honey. It has been two years now, and it still drives like it did the day I bought it.  I remember the day that I came in to see you like it was yesterday, my friend had a red vet and we went to (XXX) corvettes in Orange County, we parked on the lot and her car looked better then the cars they had for sale. I told the salesman what I wanted and he pointed out  a couple of cars that were available and walked away. Of course I was not happy but I had your address and I told my friend let's get the hell out of here and check out McJacks, I should have come to you guys first but he was closer. So finally I get
to you and out comes John with a big smile on his face! What a relief for me to see him! I told him what I wanted and he was a big help!  I speak of you John all the time because you were so sweet and funny and I really want to thank you for all that you did for me.  lots of love & kisses Janet
p.s. jack said that this car would change my life and what the truth that was. everyone smiles when they see me commmmmmmminggggggg!!!! 
Janet Diggens, LA, Ca.
    A VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You better believe I will tell folks about your helpfulness...
Hey Jack,
Scott Mielock here.  I just wanted to say thanks again for the information and assistance on the alarm.  By the way, I have had a number of people interested in my car and they are amazingly impressed with the condition of it.  When I tell them where I got it and the price I paid, they want to contact you guys.  So I give them the info.  Don't be surprised if more folks from Maryland start giving you a call when the weather gets better here.    That is really nice of you and you better believe I will tell folks about your helpfulness.  Thanks again.
Scott Mielock
 Waldorf, MD. 20602
Goes like a bat out of hell...
Hi Jack
Just a note to let you know I still love my red 70 Corvette.  I get plenty of looks whenever I take it out.  It runs great and goes like a bat out of hell.

Les Bennett

    I couldn't be more happy...
Hi Jack & John,
I just want to thank you for spending time with me on Friday and getting me into the beautiful black 1982 Vette.  The drive home to Sacramento was fantastic, the car ran beautiful!!!  I couldn't be more happy thanks again to both of you. 
John Newman
Antelope, CA
    Great Corvette Adventure...
Feel free to put my e-mail "Great Corvette Adventure" on your Happy Customer page.  There wasn't much to choose from in the Bay Area, and it was worth the flight down to get a great car.  It's also nice that you update your web site often, as well as answer your e-mails.  I have some extra Business cards as well as your e-mail address, and will pass it on to the other members in my Bay Area Corvette Club.  I will also be submitting an article (with my pictures) about my trip, and will send a copy when printed.  Again tell John Thanks.  And you have some great looking pictures on your web site.  (Both girls and cars)
Dan Ingerman, Sunnyvale, California
    I get at least 3 compliments a day...
Happy New Year Jack and John! Just wanted to send you guys a note and let you know that I love my Vette and runs great.  I get at least 3 compliments a day on it.  I never thought I would buy a car over the internet but you guys made fast, fun, and painless.  Thanks, JaPaul
Everything is great...
Hi Jack,
I just wanted to let you know that everything is great with the 1974 Corvette I purchased from you.  You and John have been great to deal with.  It was a positive experience for my first purchase of a classic Corvette.  Thanks for a positive experience for my first purchase of a classic Corvette. 

Thanks for everything, Mike

Friendly Atmosphere...
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the drive home was great.  Weather was good until about Fresno then started getting a little rain.  The car ran great! I averaged about 13 MPG doing between 80 & 90 MPH once I got out of the city.  I appreciate your friendly atmosphere and the last minute efforts you guys put together to get us on our way.  Tell John Hello and thanks for us.  We'll be back for our next 'Vette.'  The wife wants a newer one.

Jerry & Vicki Johnson

    You can surely add us to your Happy List...
Dear Jack and John,
Received our car this evening and you can surely add us to your Happy List.  We think it is beautiful.  The fellow who delivered the car was real nice.  He did have a lot of problems, but he was very polite and nice.  We took her out and hosed her off as it was very late, but tomorrow she will get bathed and perfumed.
Thanks Again,
Jack and Marsh
    You've earned my trust...
John and Jack,
I got my 93 Red Vette at 9:00 AM this morning.  Guys it looks beautiful.  It's everything you said it was John.  You've earned my trust.  If anyone every feels uneasy about long distant buying from you have them give me a call, I'll put in a good word for you.
Thanks, George
    I appreciate the "up front" way that you do business...
I wanted to thank you, John and Tony for making this experience so wonderful.  I know that John worked his butt off to get this deal together and your entire crew was great to deal with.  I appreciate the "up front" way that you do business.  I will sing your praises to all of my friends and encourage them to buy their Vettes from you.  The car itself is beautiful and runs very well.  Your shop is a great place to see.  It's like a candy store for anyone that loves Vettes and has ever worked on one of them.  Very impressive set up.  When I get ready for my next Corvette, no doubt, I'll be back at McJacks.  Thanks again for all that you did for me and for the great car.
Jim Daly
    Look no further than McJacks...
Jack and John at McJacks Corvettes
When my car arrived I was just stunned at the beauty of it.  It is a wonderful car to drive and a real "head turner"  too.  You guys did a swell job on prepping the car and the paint job was fantastic too!!!  Thank you very much for letting me buy the most beautiful car of my life.  It I ever buy another car it will be from "McJacks" and I will tell anyone looking to look  no further than "McJacks"  You guys and your whole team are the best!!!
Thanks again,
Clarence Everson
    When I got the car, I knew I had not made a mistake...
I want people who come to this site to know what a pleasure it was to do business with McJacks.  I was scared to death about buying a car over the internet which I had neither seen nor driven.  But the McJacks staff walked me through the process and delivered a beautiful Corvette and worked with me to get me exactly the options I wanted.  When I got the car I knew I had not made a mistake.  If you are looking for a classic Corvette, look no further.  My wife and I are totally impressed with ours.
Ryan & Melissa Cummings
    It's everything you said it was...
Hello John and Jack,
I got my 93 Red Corvette at 9:00am this morning.  Guys it looks Beautiful!  It's everything you said it was John!  You've earned my trust! If anyone ever feels uneasy about long distant buying from you have them give me a call,  I'll put in a good word for you!
George Givens Torrington, CT.
    I would highly recommend anyone doing business with you...
Dear Jack and John...... 
I drove it all the way back to Texas with no problems. I have completed the repairs that we both knew it needed and the car runs and drives perfect. This car is very classy, and turns heads where ever I go in it. Being from Texas, and buying a car from you in California was somewhat scary on my end, I appreciate your Dad picking me up at the airport, and by the way tell Tony (Jacks Dad) HI FROM TEXAS. He is a great guy, and at 83 years old, you are a lucky guy to have him with you. I appreciate the business transaction going smoothly and I received my title today from California. I would highly recommend anyone doing business with you, and good luck in all your endeavors
Rick Bridges
Houston, Texas
    I have the utmost admiration and respect for you guys and your business...
Thanks to you and John,
I got home to Barstow with my new Corvette with no problems. She is a great car! Thanks again, you have a very nice operation and I have the utmost admiration and respect for you guys and your business.
Martin Skiby 
    The best that I have ever visited...
I have been visiting your website for quite awhile now. I believe it to be 
the best that I have ever visited. You make it EXTREMELY easy to view all of 
your inventory and the descriptions are just that...very descriptive. Keep up 
the awesome work !
Nick Slater
    Super Buying Experience...
Just wanted to let you know the trip home was great.  She performed very, very well and is an incredibly strong car.  The whole trip was uneventful (in a good sense) but we didn't get home until about 10:30 due to traffic, fires, stopping, etc..... I was trying hard not to smile too much simply because I didn't want bugs in my teeth but I really can't say enough about how well the car performed. Your selection of Corvettes is the best I've seen if you're looking for older, more mature cars.  They were all in fantastic condition and I would have been happy taking any one of them off your hands. Both you and John were extremely helpful and overall very nice guys.  I've already told my brother about you and hooked him up with your website. He'll be in the market very soon.  Both he and my other brother came over last night to take a ride and they LOVED it. They both commented on how great she looked.  They're hooked. Thanks again for a super buying experience. You always remember your first and it's nice that it turned out to be very pleasant.  I really can't pat you on the back enough. You can bet my next Vette will be from your fine collection.
    Your word is definitely your bond...
Hi Jack,
I just wanted to let you know that after one year of ownership my corvette runs as well as the day I picked it up from you. It always starts up as it should, and has a beautiful ride. The dual exhaust also sounds great.  More important to me is how reliable and honest you have been with me. Your
word is definitely you bond. This makes for a positive experience. I hope to one day have a second corvette, and if that day comes I will look to you to
purchase it.
Thank you for everything.
From your loyal customer,
Michael Falkowitz
West Hills, California
    McJacks is my one stop shop...
I really enjoyed meeting the two of you and your professionalism with the corvettes. I hope to purchase another corvette in a few years (Like the convertible C5 body style.....but so bloody expensive). When I
do purchase another Vette, McJacks is my one stop shop. Say hi to John
and keep up the great work...
Brian Fox
Winnipeg, Canada
    Positive, reassuring purchasing experience...
Hi Jack,
The ‘61 Blue Jewel is very classy, it turns heads where ever it glides, The power and cackle touches the deepened senses of all who hear. They are, like I, taken back to, perhaps a perceived point in time where found memories are reborn. Purchasing a Gem like this from out of
state requires a great deal of trust on the purchasers behalf. I did confirm Jack, your business has maintained the highest rating with the LCL BBB these past 20 years, which gave me some comfort, but it was your calm non rushed personal style of business that has provided me with the highest level of trust and reassurance. You were patient & non threatened while my nephew, Pablo examined the Jewel from top to bottom. This makes for a positive, reassuring purchasing experience. I have not doubt you will stand by any unforeseen concern with the same level of integrity!! Your work is at the top of your craft, I’ll be Back, & from Pablo & myself, Thank you
Your Karma will follow you forever. =)
Ken Connell, wife Inke & nephew & friend Pablo
August 29, 2004

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